Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our services. If you can’t find your question in the list, feel free to Contact Us and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.

Why should I use ECD?

First and foremost because we will help to save you money and time. Also, we will help you skip the dealership sales floor tactics and pressure. Buying a car is a big purchase. We are professionals, and know the ins and outs of the car business. Our referral network consists of only the most reputable dealers that will ALWAYS provide you with a great deal and amazing level of service.

Will I need to have a firm decision on the vehicle, payment method and be ready to sign before I contact ECD?

If you are still in the preliminary stages and you’re only looking for general information or unbiased advice there is no need for to you to have a firm decision on the specific details.

What is a "good deal" when buying a car?

A good deal is a price that is as close as possible to the wholesale price. Usually it means on average 2-3% dealer mark-up.

Will I be buying/leasing the car from ECD or from an authorized dealer?

You will be buying/leasing from an authorized dealership.

Will I have to provide any of my personal or information to ECD?

No. ECD will never ask for any personal information. ECD will only ask you for your basic contact information to be able to effectively communicate with you.

How do I benefit from ECD referring me directly to a sales manager?

This referral enables you to “skip the middlemen” and deal directly with the person who makes the decisions. The manager is the one who must approve discounts, and by dealing directly with a manager you won’t have to deal with salespeople trying to up sell you for higher commissions.

When is the best time to buy a car?

If you’re doing it yourself, the last few days of every month are always good days to buy; dealers try to achieve their sales targets and will be more inclined to give more significant discounts.

With so many options available, how can I decide which car is right for me?

Here is a vehicle selection process that we find effective: Make a short list of the vehicles you are considering. Go to the manufacturer’s website and use the “build and price” tool to discover all the options available as well as all the relevant financial information. Remove any choices from your list that are out of budget, then go test drive the remaining cars to experience the differences firsthand.

Is it better to lease or finance?

Leasing or financing is a personal choice, each with its own benefits. 

 Leasing often makes sense if you:
 Like to change your car every few years. Don't drive more than 25-30k per year. Want lower monthly payments. Want continuous warranty coverage. Don't want to worry about depreciation. Financing often makes sense if you: Want the same vehicle for the long term. Drive more than 30k per year. Don’t want any mileage restrictions. Want a trade-in against the price of you next car.

I have a car to trade in, how will that work?

All dealers accept trades - regardless of make, model, age or condition. A proper appraisal is the only way to establish a reliable trade value. We don't recommend discussing the trade before the new car price is settled.

Is it better to trade in my car or sell it privately?

It's best to look at both options. You should list the vehicle for sale a few weeks before the new car purchase to get an idea of how much you can get for it. Then you can compare those numbers with any offers from a dealer and make your decision. Remember that when you are trading in a vehicle you are only paying sales tax on the difference between the new vehicle price and the trade value. This is commonly known as the "trade tax benefit".

Can I trade in a car if I still have outstanding payments on it or if it's leased?

Yes, the process is slightly different but you can trade in a vehicle that is leased or financed. For leased vehicles, we recommend trying to find someone to take over your lease contract - it's the easiest and least expensive option.

Should I buy when the new model year is being released?

The transition from one model year to the next (usually August to October) is also a good time to buy; dealers will try to sell out the old inventory to make room for the new model year and will be more flexible with the pricing. You’ll need to be more flexible on options and colours available. It’s not a good time to lease however due to the low residual values.

What does "wholesale price" mean?

Wholesale price (also known as "dealer invoice price") is the price the dealer paid for the vehicle, before any mark-up was applied.

Is a Demo a better deal?

A demo is not always a better deal. Keep in mind the mileage and wear and tear on the vehicle, depreciation, loss of warranty period and the likelihood that the demonstrator won’t be configured exactly as you want. Consider if the discount offered on the used demo is worth the loss of all. In most cases, we can get you a similar price on a brand new car.

How can I get the Best Price on my own?

If you want to do this by yourself, be prepared with all the relevant information (dealer invoice price, manufacturer’s incentives, availability, dealership internal policies), and find the dealer who will answer your questions in a straightforward honest manner, and is flexible on pricing. Consider the cost of your time, and your fuel while undertaking this process. If it takes you a tank of fuel and a few weekends to find a dealer who you trust is giving you the best price – what are you really saving? Best price in the car business is a moving target. You can count on ECD for a referral to an excellent deal every time.